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We began our business in 2016 to give others access to radiant unimaginable items that are tangible. What began as building something out of necessity, grew into a full-time business 

specializing in custom hand-crafted items and well-constructed furniture

Epoxy Countertops

Reflective Icy River Crosses

All Original Pieces!

Items perfect for a special gift or your home, office, outdoor area, and more! Each piece we craft is based on our classical training and created with modern techniques so each is truly one-of-a-kind. We don’t just see this as a job, but as a passion, and are grateful to be able to create works of art that serve a day-to-day purpose. We love to bring customers’ unique ideas to life! If you're interested in aesthetic inventive items, please inquire at the bottom of the page.

Open Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm 

Office: 505-392-3314



  • Any Style Reflective Epoxy River Furniture!

  • Reflective River or Special Design Countertops!

  • Commemorative Engravings!

  • Commemorative Wood Benches, Crosses and More!

  • Art Decor!

  • Unique Custom Design Requests and More!




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Custom-made goods are often our most requested product. That’s because when people contact us, they’re looking for something unique and different. We go the extra mile to ensure that each piece isn’t run of the mill but is an exquisitely designed product that no one else has. Have something in mind you’d like created? Let me know and I’ll be happy to get started.


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Open Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm 

Office: 505-392-3314




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